Sunday, February 13, 2011

Another lucid dreaming info pic.

I'm a regular lucid dreamer, as I had said before. A good lucid dream can make a bad day worthwhile for me, so I've spent a long time perfecting my craft. 

The first thing any lucid dreamer needs to do is improve dream recall. If you're not remembering your dreams at all, Lucid Dreaming will be really difficult to achieve. A dream journal is a great way to do this. Just try writing down everything you can remember about your dreams right when you wake up. Once you do this regularly for a while, you'll start finding it easier and easier to remember your dreams right when you wake up. if you access all the information your brain created as soon as you wake up, you'll find it easier to remember throughout the day as well.

Do you guys want me to turn this into a step by step program on how to lucid dream? my last post got a lot of attention. 

Saturday, February 12, 2011

all about lucid dreaming.

As a regular lucid dreamer I figured i should share some of the techniques that have worked for me.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

more minecraft stuff

My letter to the prime minister

Dear Mr. Braid, Mr. Harper and other members of the Conservative party of Canada, 

    The recent public outrage regarding Usage Based Billing from large ISP's has caused me more than once to condemn the government I helped to vote into power. Can you explain to me why I am told that it's out of your hands? Usage Based Billing is un-Canadian price gouging serving only the incredibly bloated and rich telecommunications companies in it's most basic form. It stifles independent producers of music, film and other media. It discourages small businesses who use the internet. It completely removes Canada from being competitive in any sort of worldwide Internet presence. The choices are fairly clear to me, an uneducated 20 year old with little political experience. 

    Firstly, the ruling party could repeal the CRTC's decision. This is fairly important, as the CRTC's mandate was and has always been to serve the Canadian public and not big business. Secondly, the Canadian Parliament could quit pussy-footing around the issue and dissolve the CRTC. It's usefulness has clearly run it's course, and a new form of regulation is  required. The CRTC is a waste of taxpayer dollars if it can not strike down such an obvious abuse of it's power in favour of pandering to telecommunications giants that possess no ability to see beyond the dollar signs the Canadian public represents to them. I can see that repealing the decision is too obvious and simple a reaction for a group of hardheaded individuals like the Conservative Party of Canada, and dissolving the CRTC would hurt your precious business interests, so I propose a third alternative, and it is as follows.

    Do nothing, and see what happens. The other major parties in our country can smell the blood in the water. Do you think it's coincidence that 220,000 of my fellow Canadians have sided with the New Democratic Party and the Liberal Party in coming out against Usage Based Billing? Do you think your fragile minority government can ride out the shockwave that will come from the Canadian people rejecting this most heinous of decisions from an awful organization like the CRTC? It's time to act, or lose control of your government. Your actions make little difference to me. My faith in the Conservative party has been irreparably damaged. You will listen to the hundreds thousands of voices like mine or you will pay the price in seats in parliament, campaign contributions, and (fingers crossed) a vote of non-confidence. 

                    Though I pray you will heed my warning, I would be surprised if you will. Therefore, I will wish the Conservatives a fond farewell when they are removed from power by the people they are stepping all over to raise higher the pedestal upon which Bell and Rogers rest. 


A concerned citizen

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

more on my minecraft info series
I'll be posting bukowski from time to time.

from: You Get So Alone At Times that It Just MAkes Sense

in junior high the two prettiest girls were
Irene and Louise,
they were sisters;
Irene was a year older, a little taller
but it was difficult to choose between
they were not only pretty but they were
astonishingly beautiful
so beautiful
that the boys stayed away from them;
they were terrified of Irene and
who weren't aloof at all;
even friendlier than most
who seemed to dress a bit
differently than the other girls;
they always wore high heels'
silk stockings,
new outfits
each day;
one afternoon
my buddy, Baldy, and i followed them
home from school;
you see, we were kind of
the bad guys on the grounds
so it was
more or less
it was soomething:
walking along ten or twelve feet behind them;
we didnt say anything
we just followed
their voultuous swaying,
the balance of the

we liked it so much that we
followed them home from school

when they'd go into their house
we'd stand outside on the sidewalk
smoking cigarettes and talking.

"someday". I told Baldy.
"they are going to invite us inside their
house and they are going to
fuck us."

"you really think so?"


50 years later
I can tell you
they never did
-never mind all the stories we
told the guys;
yes, it's a dream that
keepds you going
then and

Sunday, February 6, 2011

i figured it was time for a picture of myself. so here's my girlfriend's cat laying on me.

happy superbowl sunday followers! i intend to celebrate by spending hours looking for lapis lazuli...

wow! did my pageviews ever skyrocket after i started posting minecraft stuff. well, in hopes i get more followers, i give you the first mob trap i've employed with great results. 

i have a bunch of minecraft info stuff saved, should i post more?
also tell me about your minecraft experiences, i love to hear about people's individuality.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Something about the complicated science of tallship sailing really fascinates me. what does sailing make you think of?

woohoo! picked up a scanner darkly on blueray today!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

i knew it was a mistake from the second i looked over.
wished instantly that i could go back in time three seconds.
fix something that i promised myself i’d stop doing.

even when i’m not trying!
i still half wonder.
this is getting very old.

it’s a ghost hunt, every damn night.
nothing compares to that first sunrise, still so spun.
how everything you said sounded so good, like you had a team of writers.
“how can we make this guy keep coming back?”
they do a really solid job, i mean it!

at the station, 
i have to stop and stare at your hips as they sashay

i sound like an idiot asking
“are you serious?”
warm company and
dark irish beer
concrete patios,
the view for miles.

a shuffle,
you tell me
“i don’t know when
i started breathing

i look down,
big feet in old
all things considered,
i think i preferred
being underwater.

a brand new world in this city meeting people again italians their blood rich and thick with the spirit and flavour of life and we have to look at our feet when we walk because the waitress can’t count and undercharged us again for our drinks which usually means we walk to the lcbo and blow the rest of our cash on forties and vodka spiked energy drinks because that’s all we have, that little moment when we all see a bit of ourselves in the people around us.