Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My letter to the prime minister

Dear Mr. Braid, Mr. Harper and other members of the Conservative party of Canada, 

    The recent public outrage regarding Usage Based Billing from large ISP's has caused me more than once to condemn the government I helped to vote into power. Can you explain to me why I am told that it's out of your hands? Usage Based Billing is un-Canadian price gouging serving only the incredibly bloated and rich telecommunications companies in it's most basic form. It stifles independent producers of music, film and other media. It discourages small businesses who use the internet. It completely removes Canada from being competitive in any sort of worldwide Internet presence. The choices are fairly clear to me, an uneducated 20 year old with little political experience. 

    Firstly, the ruling party could repeal the CRTC's decision. This is fairly important, as the CRTC's mandate was and has always been to serve the Canadian public and not big business. Secondly, the Canadian Parliament could quit pussy-footing around the issue and dissolve the CRTC. It's usefulness has clearly run it's course, and a new form of regulation is  required. The CRTC is a waste of taxpayer dollars if it can not strike down such an obvious abuse of it's power in favour of pandering to telecommunications giants that possess no ability to see beyond the dollar signs the Canadian public represents to them. I can see that repealing the decision is too obvious and simple a reaction for a group of hardheaded individuals like the Conservative Party of Canada, and dissolving the CRTC would hurt your precious business interests, so I propose a third alternative, and it is as follows.

    Do nothing, and see what happens. The other major parties in our country can smell the blood in the water. Do you think it's coincidence that 220,000 of my fellow Canadians have sided with the New Democratic Party and the Liberal Party in coming out against Usage Based Billing? Do you think your fragile minority government can ride out the shockwave that will come from the Canadian people rejecting this most heinous of decisions from an awful organization like the CRTC? It's time to act, or lose control of your government. Your actions make little difference to me. My faith in the Conservative party has been irreparably damaged. You will listen to the hundreds thousands of voices like mine or you will pay the price in seats in parliament, campaign contributions, and (fingers crossed) a vote of non-confidence. 

                    Though I pray you will heed my warning, I would be surprised if you will. Therefore, I will wish the Conservatives a fond farewell when they are removed from power by the people they are stepping all over to raise higher the pedestal upon which Bell and Rogers rest. 


A concerned citizen


  1. Amen brother, let's hope they listen.

  2. Simple, effective, and brilliant. I salute you sir. I was outraged when I read about this.

    I just hope more take your stance and ACT.

  3. nice, I'll sh*t bricks if this ever comes to the US

  4. What an amazing viewpoint i completely agree!

  5. These massive corporations throw everything they can at the government to serve their own instrests truely dont care about anything except their own bottom line.

  6. they're tryn to lock our open media down its bullshit